Who are the scammers?

On a large scale when answering this question I can say that scammers are dating cheaters, they are looking for money. They register on the site not with a goal of finding a partner, but with a goal of finding victims to steal their money. I have to have a full time worker to activate women to check women who register on the site. About one fifth of women do not pass through. But I want to write here about who are scammers in real life, who are really those who cheat many men.

This question is one of the most that interest men who were victims of scammers. What is most shocking that even after being scammed they often hope that this beautiful girl that scammed them can stop having her life of deceit and will change and connect their life with them.

Who are Russian and Ukrainian scammers?

In most cases they are a criminal group. No, do not understand that there are many such groups. They are few, but they are well organized and good and hard working. There are several of them , the biggest one is in Kazan (Youshkar-Ola). This group is well organized and as they use false credit cards, they often register to different western dating sites, like yahoo, American singles, match com, they pay from false credit card, usually write in their profile that they are from USA (as these sites are afraid of chargeback, they will block a user who pay from American credit card but is from Russia, so they have register also from USA and go to these sites from American anonimizers (servers that hide a true ip of a person who use them, very often it is used by Nigerian or Russian scammers). ). Then these “girls” tell that there was a mistake and really they are from Russia. They quickly (on the first or second letter) give their personal email and begin to “work” on a victim there. This criminal group consists mostly from men, women there are just couriers who collect money at western union office (with their passports). A small group of women also works on phoning to men from mobile and talking for a short period of time. So actually Western men communicate with men who work there (but it is not men who create a letter, they just send pre-written letters to send).

A group in Lugansk was on the rise of scamming twice, several years ago and this year. This is just an agency (agencies) that wants to have money, they place women’s profiles everywhere (use false names, pictures of models from penthouse, playboy, or less famous models), and then quickly asks for money for translation. If a man pays he has letters from this agency and a heap of photos (sometimes semi-nude or nude). Obviously he does not have a result. If a man just comes to Lugansk and wants to meet “his woman”, he has a meeting – but with a woman completely different from that in the pictures. This woman spends some time with him, shows the city, but she does not want anything serious and she wants him to send her money for different gifts and again and certainly more translation made by “their translation agency” .

If a scammer is individual and not a group, then it is often a man, who “works” in this business, he communicates from a woman’s name, and then when he needs to receive money, either introduces himself as a manager in a tour company and asks to send money to himself or ask his acquaintances or relatives (mother, sister) to receive money.

There is also rather a large group of women on scammer lists that are real, they have these names that is written in scammer lists (they try although later change them, but then have a problem to receive money from Western union), and they have these pictures (of course, they can change them but basically the same woman is seen there). In some cases they just begun scamming, they were placed to several scam lists (by one or several cheated men) and it is difficult for them to do it anymore (In this case they register sometimes by different names, and then ask men to send money to “their friend” but if a man is clever enouph to check this friend in scammer lists he again finds this woman in scammer list and can refuse to send money). There is a very thin layer of ladies who were put to scammer lists by revenge. When something broke and the relationship with a man came to an end, some men want to make a revenge on the woman. Scam lists ask men to prove that he tells the truth, but not all, and in some cases it is possible to forge. I personally was applied to take women from my scammerlist 15 times (on 8 July 2007). In 8 cases it was a clever forge (scammers apply from a man’s name to take them off the list as these men . And 3 of them I took off the scammer list. In other cases men asked to take their girlfriends from there. I took off only one woman, in other cases we came to the conclusion with the men that they were scammed also. Who are these women? They are users. There are users in each country and in each nationality, among women and among men. They just found a good way for them here to have money. They rarely ask for money for visa and travel. They really do not need relationship with men, they do not receive anything from these relationship. They think that they give a man something (their attention or rise to his self-esteem) by communicating with him and they are sure that they are justified to have something in return from men. They were too pampered from childhood and they are not used to take responsibility.

Do you want such wife? I doubt.

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