Visa and travel scenarios

When doing free checking of correspondence with Russian women men sent to me for checking I meet visa and travel scenario in 90 percent of all cases of scamming Why? First of all, it is a thing that most men will likely to get fallen into. Wow! Who will refuse a possibility to meet a beautiful young girl in his town, spend with her a month or two to see if they are compatible? Scammers usually draw a very bright perspective, they talk in length what they will together do and other things. Who can refuse a bright festival of love? This scenario also allows asking for rather large sum of money. This scenario also opens a perspective of asking for more and more sum of money. Many scammers group use this scenario and when it is successful, they invent some things further ещ suck money from a victim. In many cases it is illness: an example 2 months ago- a girl from Yoshkar-Ola (a scammer group in Yoshkar-Ola) told to her victim that she couldn’t come to him to USA (after he sent her money) because she had to do an urgent heart operation and it costed 40 000 usd for her, all her money had gone there but it was only 2 000 usd. He sent this money (this operations in Russia are free for citizens of Russia), she had to think of another reason to ask money and she found it- this time she was in prison and her lawyer phoned to the man and told him that she needed money to get free from prison, and then she will be able to go to him to USA. Interesting, what would have been the next reason? But then he came to my site and asked the advice. He felt that there was something wrong, can’t a person who is just from a prison go to another country. It was a shock for him – he lost 40 000 usd to this scammer.

Ok, how then the scenario works? The beginning was standard in all cases: a man is contacted on a free site (where there are no strict supervision and checking), or on yahoo, American singles , or he buys the email of a beautiful Russia model (of 25-29 yo looking for a man up to 60 J) and the communication begins. It can be also just spam emailing to his mailbox (I am a beautiful girl and I am bored today…… etc) Also it can be an email address a man buys in a Russian dating agency, if they do not have checking system, they can’t check what their girls do and sell, sell , sell one and the same address many times, providing a scammer with new victims. If he is contacted on a site then he is quickly given “her” personal email (on sites where everybody should pay, they pay from false credit cards and so have only limited number of time). Then the sites that sell the address are ideal for scammers – if the photos are good, they quickly have many men writing to them –a lot of possibility for scam. “These girls” send standard letters, they ask many questions, but in reply just say how they love everything without referring to a man’s words or to his country or other details that he write about. Some scammers (even in one group) use a quick method and in 3-7 letters they are in love and want to come to a man to meet in person. Then in several other letters they describe their visit to a travel agency and then a request for money is coming. Some scammers employ a slow method- a request for money come in one and a half or two months or even more. When a request is done they can ask for a telephone number and phone to the man for several minutes or ask him to phone at the appointed time to “her girlfriend”’s mobile (they need an appointed time so that to know what is the name of the person how is calling).

Money is asked to send sometimes to the name of “the girl”, sometimes to the “travel agency”, rather rarely to her girlfriend’s name. I have met the cases when men could not send money to a woman because she was blocked by Western union, but then the woman sent him another name to send the money and the man sent.

The main thing that men should know to avoid this:

  1. Better come to Russia and meet your lady if you like her. You won’t only see that she is real, but you will spend some time with her and see if you are compatible and need to go further.
  2. Russian women can’t come to USA by tourist or by visit visa. No agency in Russia makes such visas. If you are told that some agency is going to make it – it is a fake.
  3. This 2007 year the problem for many Russian women to go to other European countires also. UK visa is a problem and it is given only when a person had a shengen visa and there were no problems. France and some other countries also refuse visa application of many women.
  4. If you want to buy a ticket for airplane for your lady, do not send her money. You can always buy a ticket with your credit card, and send her information where to take it (you just need to know her passport data for this purchase). She won’t have possibility to return the ticket and have money. If she refuses this scheme, think why.

With all this madness about scammers, I have more and more men on my dating site that write to women. I will be glad if you come here to meet me, but you need to find money yourself and do everything yourself, I won’t do that. They mostly write it in the first or second letter. Strange- but women disappear after that- that brings them to the conclusion that all women on the site are scammers. Wrong!

Real women understand that:

1. It is impossible to get visa to USA and stop writing when they meet a man’s requirements to come to them to USA on their own. It is like someone writes to you, I will be happy to meet you but please come to me to the Moon, I will be waiting for you in a crater Copernicus, find money and possibility yourself. What will you do? – right. Decide that the person is not at home.

2. If it is possible for them to come to Shengen zone (for example, France), they can come, but they do not know if the meeting will bring them to something serious, they do not know if they will be liked by a man, or they like the man, they know nothing and for them it is more serious sum of money than for a man. I meet the situation even when men write to their ladies, yes, I want to come, but I need first to save the money for the trip and tickets. But the salary of men is much higher. Average salary of a Western man is 50000 usd a year, Russian women- 4800 usd a year, Tickets cost the same in Russia or abroad (usually in Russia they are more expensive, as we do not have here such possibilities and discounts as in Western world). But a woman needs to live on something, to pay for her apartment, to eat and so on. For her it is a considerable sum of money. I have met several times when men told women that they would pay her expenses when she came there, but … they did not like the woman, and she had to return back soon, and no compensation followed. After that I doubt, these women will repeat this.

The best way is to come to Russia and meet your lady here – no scam. I am often contacted by men who ask if it is safe to come to Russia and won’t they be scammed here.
The best advice is

1. Avoid different unpleasanties, misunderstanding and other order a hotel room or an apartment yourself. If a girl says to you that she has found a great apartment for you and very cheap, go to Internet , type there rent apartment in …. (the city) and look if you can find there an apartment yourself. There are places where you can do it, and better doing it yourself.

2. If a girl wants to meet you not in her city but in other Russian city , find a person you trust and ask him to buy tickets for her, so that she needed just to come to the airport and fetch them (or if you meet in Turkey or other country) do it yourself, order her tickets and let her fetch them there.

3. Try to make a personal contact – phone to her before your visit.

4. Do not have big money on you, better keep them on your credit card. If she brings you to the shop and asks to buy something very expensive, explain that you do not have money with you now and need to talk with your bank. It will give you time to think if you want this and refuse if you do not want and see her reaction.

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