Seven years ago I organized my own International dating site (oof, making an engine for it was a long story, design was remade several times and I still change there something from time to time but all this was easier than later filling it with users). First when there were few users there, I have not realized the danger that scammers brought. It was a hard work bringing little money. A big scammer group from Kazan already was active that time (after that they were arrested and put to prison twice, but … a month or two and another scammers group in this region is active there again). Then the first person was registered from there, and only after she began scamming some of my users I realized the danger my users were under. I deleted her and warned all the users, but it was late, one user has already sent money. That day at night I wrote first my article that was later placed on scammerlist.com about scammers. It was a shock to me and that day the article was just written within an hour. In some time we have to do some changes to the engine of the site so that it would be easier to recognize scammers. Since then there were 5 more changes implemented (that helps to make personal expertise on reality of girls). Some scammers manage to filter through but more than 95 percent are stopped. About a year ago I answered many letters from men who wrote with questions about a girl they are communicating with. Then decided to publish this communication (not all, as there are cases when girls are honest and I do not want to publish their letters there, they can see and get angry at men) on the site. But the main problem is that there are men who are not aware of scammers (they are caught at western dating sites like match.com, yahoo personals, American singles), they are the main victims of scammers. That’s where from the idea of this blog came from! I hope reading it will help men not only be aware of scammers, but understand when they are communicating with a scammer and how to avoid them.

Irina Grebneva

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