Strategy how to avoid scammers (mistakes men do resulting into running into scammers)

I have looked through my dating site now and again this sad picture. From each 10 new men who registered on the site, only one has written a first letter to women or sent winks or postcards or other signs of attention. The other 9 men have registered and are waiting for women to send them a letter. Very probably they will receive several winks but very few letters and delete themselves from the site eventually. They will or have registered to several other sites, like datemefree or anastasia net. In the first site they will have many letters from girls-scammers, and they will need about 3-5 months to realize it and after that they can leave Russian dating forever with the thought that all Russian women are scammers; on the second they will be written extensively by the agencies, spend a lot of money, come to meet a girl in person, and realize that it is a fake and leave this sphere also or will look again but in some time, probably on the same site, burn again, wait, and look again on the same site with the same strategy.

First thing is right strategy! Many men in Western countries and USA employ a strategy – not to be active themselves, but just sit and wait. The strategy works good with Western women, but it fails with Russian women. Why have the men come to the site with Russian women? Many of them are tired of feminization, they want stability in their family, they want women with traditional family values. Then why to expect from Russian women the same feminization approach? Russian women want men to pay attention to them, to show initiative, to be the first to begin contact. This is a first step to avoid scammers. Be active yourself! No wait and see attitude.

Second is right criteria when you search for a woman. Yes, there are women who want a man much older than them. But they are not many and it is a special type of women who want to be a loved “daughter” of a prosperous and successful man. They have not received love and attention from their father and try to fill in this gape now. But most Russian women look favorably at the age difference in 10 years, can tolerate a difference of 15 years and do not want men older than 20 years than them. Young girls up to 23 usually prefer young men also (most even less than 10 years, some up to 40). Put right criteria for your search and you have less chance to run into scammers.

Third thing is photos. I have several models on the site and they bring model photos to the site, but they are from Moscow or Kiev or St-Petersburg. The light, the background, clothes are professional. But when a woman from a small city Urupinsk or something like that places on a site a photo in a fashionable clothes, super make up, professional light and background, think where she could take such pictures. When the photos are made not professionally it does not guarantee also that the woman is not a scammer. But super photos, especially of playboy type certainly make scam more probable.

Fourth thing is the site where you are looking. Go to google and type there the name of the site (not exactly the url but the title, Ukraine club, datemefree) and the word scammer and see what you will see in the search. If there are many scammers who were met on these site it is doubtful that it is wise to register there, only if you are a hunter on scammers. Free sites rarely can provide a good checking service and that’s why a lot of scammers running there. Sites that sell emails have also problems with identifying scammers. Sites that take payment for each letter sent and “translated” to and from a man very often are scam sites themselves. Subscription sites are much more safe in this. And do not believe a site where as soon as you register you immediately get tons of letters from beautiful Russian girls, it is very probably scam also. Either these girls do not suspect about this activity of the agency at all or they are not real.

It is easy to find a honest Russian girl and marry her and live happily but

Be active

Be wise in your search criteria

Register to sites where girls are checked on a regular basis and not when somebody suffered

Think. You can be in love, but if you see that logically everything is wrong, then check, analyze

And consult the professionals if you have doubts!

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