Lies, that scammers like to tell about Russia

Seven years ago I made several International dating sites and first when there were few users there, I have not realized the danger that scammer brought. It was a hard work bringing little money. A big scammer group from Kazan already was active that time (after that they were arrested and put to prison twice, but … a month or two and another scammers group is active there again). Then a first person was registered from there, and only after she began scamming some of my users I realized the danger my users were under. I deleted her and warned all the users, but it was late, one user has already sent money. That day at night I wrote my first article that was later placed on about scammers. It was a shock to me and that day the article was just written within an hour. In some time we have to do some changes to the engine of the site so that it would be easier to recognize scammers. Since then there were 5 more changes implemented (that helps to make personal expertise on reality of girls). Some scammers manage to filter through but more than 95 percent are stopped. About a year ago I answered many letters from men who wrote with questions about a girl they are communicating with. Then decided to publish this communication (not all, as there are cases when girls are honest and I do not want to publish their letters there, they can see and get angry at men) on the site. When checking I search not only for signs of scammers, but also lies about Russia and their life here.

The most often met lie is about the salary of people in Russia. Let’s see. I have salary of 100 -150usd.” The most often professions that scammers often write that they have are nurses, doctors, teachers, fitness instructor. The salaries of this profession depends on the region where this person works. Let’s take Kazan, a scammers center. The average salary of nurses there is 12 000 roubles (460 usd) and the doctors have from 12 000 -15000 roubles (in hospitals less) (460 usd – 570 usd). But in Moscow it is less – a salary is about 9 000 roubles (350 usd) The salary of a fitness instructor is from 300 usd (starting salary). The salary of a teacher depends on the region also – but usually it is small. In Moscow the salary of a teacher is 9000 roubles (350 usd), in Kazan it can be 6000 roubles and more (220 usd and more). (that’s why there is a shortage of teachers and nurses everywhere. People who want better money go to other professions, even if they have these educations. Many nurses become beauty consultant, it pays much more, many teachers go to secretaries (from 300 usd and can be much more), sales manager (salary depends on result and can be very high, from 300 usd).

“It is difficult to find a work. I do not work for several months. In most cities it is difficult to find an employee. Yes, it is difficult to find work in small villages, but they usually go to work to nearest cities and work there and return back in the evening. It is not difficult to find the work here, yes, it can take some time, as people want to find the best, and so want some time to choose, but it is not a problem. On many professions there is a big shortage.

The next lie is a telephone problem. “I do not have a telephone. As most Russians I do not have a telephone at home ”. Most people have telephones at home, and even more people have mobiles. Even children at school go there with mobile telephones and old women and men also go with them. It is easy, it is cheap, and it is comfortable. I can’t imagine a young woman or a young girl who does not have any means to contact her. There are much more mobiles telephones in Russia than people. If a Russian women tells you that she does not have a telephone number (not stationary, not mobile) it is mildly speaking, is strange, and in 99 percent of cases it is a scam.

The next lie is health system in Russia. Women ask men for the money for operation or for hospital or go to a dentist. Let’s look at health system in Russia. All Russian citizens have state health insurance. With this insurance they can for free visit doctors, call emergency, be in a hospital, have operations (not cosmetology) needed for their health. They can also visit a dentist, but the state dentists use such fillings for teeth that people prefer not to go to them. People in Russia do not need money for this! Yes, some additional expenses can be needed in these cases- some medicine, and many people prefer to buy a separate private bedrooms in hospitals (it can cost from 5 usd to 30 usd a day). And the food in hospitals often is not good and so relatives and friends come and bring some additional (tasty food ) for people that lie in hospitals. But no money is needed for the operations – for example, on heart! No money is needed for being in hospital with any diseases. No doctor can phone to a Western man and tell him that his girlfriend needs money on this or that. The girl can ask money for a dentist. The filling of a tooth (with good materials) can be from 40 usd to 100 usd (it can be of course much, there are clinics for rich people, where 3 people runs around a client, one holds a hand of a client, another does the work, the third makes assistance, but really if it is needed? In the first case the help will be adequate and good. )

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