If you are a man and you are single, you should read it! Scammers!!!! Be Wary!!!

Russian and Nigerian scammers try to find more and more victims for their schemes. Even if you are not a member of any dating site you can’t be 100 percent sure that they won’t try to scam you. Many men lost money, and large scammers group get richer for hundreds thousands dollars. You should know some information about scammers and what they do and want. Their work, signs of being scammed, different scenarios, how do different groups operate and a lot of other information about scammers and their ways you will learn in my further postings. Here I will just write about some major things in dealing with scammers.Scammers are girls (rarer men) who seek partners on different dating sites or by spam mailing to personal emails, they quickly fall in love, and eventually ask for money. Rather rarely you really speak to a person who is shown in the picture. Very often it is a scammer group or men who write in the name of the girl.

There are variations in the scamming scenario. But most typical scenario for Russian girls is visa and travel scenario. In all scenarios a woman falls in love with a man very quickly, her letters are usually standard, she tells in length has not met him in real life), she tells a lot about their future life, dreams, (you have an impression that it is too good to be true and you are right!), she is not concerned about the partner’s age, appearance, religion. According to her story, she tells to her parents (or mom) and they completely approve (seeing “the great love” of their daughter). Then the scenario begins to play. If it is a usual visa and travel scenario then she begins to talk about coming to a man – to meet him in reality. It is all so easy and fast for her. She is going to a travel agency and they will soon make a visa for her. A man needs just to tell the name of the city and she will arrive (it does not matter to what country). Then she finds out that her money is not enough and asks him to pay half of the sum. The sum of money requested can vary – from 700 usd to 3000 usd and more. If a man sends the money, then a woman can disappear or “something can happen to her and she needs more money to make the journey”. For example, the money can be taken by a Russian mafia according to her legend, or the money were stolen, or they are needed for her operation. If the man continues to send money, new and new requests will follow. Nigerian scammers are similar. Very often they pretend to be American girls. They have nice communication with a man, then they need to go to Nigeria on business trip – and… then they need your help (send money now and she will return back as soon as return to USA for recovering her business or make the check cash and send it to her by Western union, no need to say that then the check is acknowledged as false). Another favorite Nigerian scenario – is to be a “very honest and friendly” Nigerian girl who has already visa to USA but just needs money for the air tickets. She is always a model type blonde.

There are several scammers scenarios but the main thing that any single man should know is If you are asked for money, do not hurry, try to find similar letters in Internet, search for this girl in the Internet, read more information about scammers and see if you are communicating with a real person or with a fake who wants just money.

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